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Candy Crush???!

So in January we decided to try something new & signed up to Candy Coats #SubBox! This is a monthly subscription where Candy Coat will send us a surprise box of goodies including a few different gel polishes each month. This is great way to have to limited edition colours on our shelf and be able to offer colours we may not have chosen ourselves, pushing us and our clients out of our comfort zone!

We are still a CND Salon and will be continuing using shellac, this Candy Coat is like Shellac’s more fun sister! Ha ha offering fresh ideas with cats eye, glitter & heat changing ranges, to compliment our shellac range, not to replace it.

So what is Candy Coat? They are a British company, (so that’s another reason I have chosen to support them in the nail industry), and recently they have had a boom in marketing. You will start to see them featured in fashion magazines this year as they were a huge part of London Fashion Week. They have an absolutely massive colour range and a some extra products I am excited to try such as hardening base layers for people who have soft or damaged nails to give their gel polish a boost.

Check out Candy Coats Instagram for some #NailInspo and check outer social media to see what fun products & nail treatments we will be launching this month.

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