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Mo Moustasche, mo problem

Now am going to begin with saying that hair is all good! If you have facial hair and are rocking it, keep doing what you're doing, We are all about the Frida Kahlo confidence vibe here! For those looking for options, hopefully this quick guide might be of some help.
Many ladies struggle with this, due to hormonal changes amongst many other reasons. Removal usually falls into two categories : painful or expensive!
We love lip-waxing at Clair’s! Feeling confident about your appearance is our top priority and we love to provide that feeling. We aren’t just talking dark lip hairs here, about 80% of woman have fair ‘down hair’ which is unnoticed for the majority of the time. But when on holiday in the sunshine or applying makeup, it becomes visible... then we all freak out ha ha! After a lip wax your makeup practically glides on!
So what are your options??
1. Shaving
This is tempting, quick easy, cheap as you have the equipment at hand. Disadvantages are that the hair will grow back like stubble, most likely to be thicker and darker than before. Once a regime of shaving starts, it’s hard to break the cycle.
2. Hair removal cream
Same as above, quick and relatively easy to do yourself at home. The regrowth of the hair is the same as shaving unfortunately, as it’s not removing the hair from the root, just taking back to the surface of the skin. Also keep in mind that the chemical is harsh enough to disintegrate a hair, then what is it doing to your skin??!
3. Plucking & Threading
Ouch! Major disadvantage here is the pain factor. Removing individual hairs maybe tolerated for one or two stray hairs but removing a patch is going to prove traumatic for the skin. Threading is essentially ‘mass plucking’, (*controversial, soz) the advantage is that the hair is removed from the root, meaning it will grow back fine and not like the stubble from shaving.
4. Electrolysis
“Painful but necessary” is the name of the game with electrolysis for permanent facial hair removal. It takes time and endurance but is affordable. Not as popular now as laser treatments are over taking in the permanent hair removal market.
5. Laser
Advantages are that you will be hair free at the end of the coarse! Disadvantages are that it’s expensive and works particularly well on dark course hair, ie bikini or leg hair etc, so if youre looking to remove blonde facial hair, you may need more sessions or find a specialist in this area.
6. Waxing
I have left this treatment till the end to explain in full.
Traditionally waxing was done with ‘warm wax’ and removed with a strip. We use ‘hot wax’ which is removed once the wax has hardened straight from the skin, no strip or ripping motion. The skin is first prepped with a special oil so the wax sticks ONLY to the hair and not to the skin. Waxperts wax is the best wax on the market and is the closest thing to pain free. It’s gentle and we even offer an extra gentle wax which is perfect for blonde/red/grey hairs. The hair is removed from the root so grows back light and fine. The area post wax is a lot less red than other waxing treatments, meaning you can carry on your day without having to go home and smother your lip in cooling cream.

For the whole of March & April we are offering a FREE Waxperts lip wax for you to try for yourself. Book for your eyebrows and get your lip done for free, we are so confident that you will love this and even if you aren’t sure, just give it a go, it’s free! Ha ha. We have Waxperts original hot wax & the rose wax for extra sensitive and fair hair.
Give it a try Clair xoxo
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