Shellac Nails

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Shellac is a new type of hybrid gel polish made by CND. It which lasts approx 14 days and suitable for both hands & toes. You can customise your Shellac with pigments, glitter, mirror, chrome, holo or unicorn coatings & nail art, so the outcomes are endless! We have a HUGE range of colour choices, Check out our Instagram account for some of our latest looks or for some inspiration!
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Get your hands and toes done for just £25.00, limited offer, (nail art not included)
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Shellac Manicure £20.00
Coatings/ Glitter £5.00
Stamping £5.00
Rhinestones £5.00

Top Up & refresh £15.00
Removal to replace £2.50
Removal full £5.00
Shellac Toes £20.00
Coatings for toes £5.00
Rhinestones £5.00

Top up & refresh £15.00
removal to replace £2.50
Removal full £5.00

Loyalty Card available for this treatment : Every time you get a new set and pay full price (£20.00), your loyalty card will get stamped. once your card is full you are entitled to a FREE Shellac Manicure!